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After the wedding day is over, few people remember the food served or the songs played, the stress of the planning and elegance of the decor. What you will return to for years to come, is your wedding collection, your wedding album, wedding photos you've placed around your home, videos you play for family, friends and your kids.​


Our wedding experience is designed to be a lifetime event experience, thats photographed, naturally, quietly, sympathetically, and capturing the pure emotions of the day as it happens. 


Our wedding photography work is guided by our sincere belief that being entrusted to document a celebration as unique and important as a wedding is both an honor and a responsibility. We take pride in knowing that the images we capture will become part of the bride and groom’s beloved memories and we do our utmost to provide photographs that are stunning and timeless.


People choose to work with us because they value a photographer whose work is uniquely distinctive and inspired, while still maintaining a respect for timeless elegance. 

Wedding Photography Bahamas - Weddings in The Bahamas
Wedding Photography Bahamas
Destination Wedding Bahamas
Wedding Photography Bahamas

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Wedding Photography Bahamas
Destination Wedding Photography Bahamas
Wedding Photography Bahamas
Destination Wedding Photography Bahamas
Wedding Photography Bahamas
Wedding Photography Bahamas
Destination Wedding Bahamas


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....such creative flair to our day....the team is extremely professional and congenial and they do what it takes to ensure you achieve that perfect shot....I was thoroughly impressed with the service I received...kudos to Digital Kafe Photography can't wait to book you guys again!!!

- Rakel Dean, (Event Planner)

Perfect is the word. The photographer took his time and was generous and had a good sense of humor. Professionalism was at its best. If I could relive the wedding day just to take the pics again i definitely would.

- Daelle McDonald, (Bride)​

The photos left me breathless. every photo told a story of my husband and i and that is what I liked the most. candid shots nothing too posey. The photographer made us feel comfortable as if he knew us all his life. As a result it made the photo session feel effortless. I would definitely recommend Digital Kafe to anyone who wants to venture out from the traditional 'studio photograpy' to that of natural, authentic, candid photos.​

- Rachel Ramasingh, (Bride)

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