Shatinka & Elvin

A few months ago, I got a call from a a very soft spoken and seemingly timid young lady, Shatinka Mcphee who was enquiring about our services. She had recently decided on getting married and had a lot of things in mind, but nothing really organized. After a few minutes, I realized she had so much going on, and told her to just breathe. We talked about what she does for a living and Crooked Island, Bahamas where she's from. Once I felt she was a bit more relax, we spoke on what she wanted, which was an engagement session and wedding photography.

We met 2 more times after this initial conversation, she flew over from Crooked Island and we discussed the idea, which was to have the e-session in crooked island, where?, she didn't know so a few weeks later when we got to crooked island, and treated like royalty I must say. (Love the island people). We stayed not far from a local park which sits on a beach, that made for a nice back drop for the session. This young couple showed each other so much love, from the way they talk to the way the look at each, this made photography a breeze.

A short time later we were back, and we also had the privilege to capture her wedding day. It was a joy to hang with this couple, assisting every way we could have, helping them along the way. There were so many moment captured, from the morning of to the reception. A long day filled with laughs and good times..........

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