Chrystelle & Luther

This wedding was one I looked forward to, when I first met Chrystelle, a soft spoken french lady who was looking forwarded to her wedding day. And really, the whole day was a gorgeous event and by the time the speeches had come around I was really looking forward to whatever came next. As a documentary wedding photographer I look for these types of moments throughout the day. And its this kind of pictures that I love to capture for my clients so they can hopefully relive these moments time and time again in the future.

Luckily, the weather was great, and the guests could enjoy the gorgeous gardens before taking their seats in the ceremony area.Whilst Luther patiently awaited his bride, the rest of the guests mingled and chatted with some nice music to accompany them. Then the bridal party and the gorgeous bride made there entrance. It was a beautiful ceremony. The sun turned the heat up, but everyone did there best to keep cool.

It was a beautiful day, here are a few shots from there day...

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