Old Fort Nassau Engagement: Rishay + Ken #shayken

December 2011 at Mario's Bowling Alley they first came in contact with each other with him asking her to call her cousin she thinking in the back of her head that he liked her cousin not knowing he liked her.

About two weeks after......walking to school a red jeep stop and called her out, (in her words) " I've never in my life stop and talk to anyone on the side of the road not know who it really was I went cross the road and spoke with him when we officially meet exchange names and numbers. I really wasn't interested so we never communicated not until one day I needed a ride from school so I decided to message him for a ride but he never came that was the end of that we never spoke again until sometime in January 2012 he messaged me on Facebook from then on we communicated constantly getting to know each other him being the person he still is outgoing, determined and a giant of a heart."

February 6th 2012 they made it official. "as the months went by I never knew that I could love someone so much and so fast as I did with him; especially being a long distance relationship with him being off to school. During his break when he came back home I told him I wanted him to meet my mother oh boy scared as hell what she was going to say because she always knew I never had a thing for dark boys but that went fine."