Hallnika & Rishad Wedding Day #Hallishad

They waited patiently. Well, somewhat patiently. Hallnika Bain is the type of girl who sets her mind to something and sets out to make it happen. Her career was built--and remains driven--by her vivacious personality. But there was one thing she was always certain of... her love for Rishad. These guys had the most amazing wedding over the weekend and by the next day they totally "broke the internet". From the bridal party to friends there was the most photo taking and posting than ever..

IN HER WORDS - They say that "Love Stories" are myths that persons create to spark the flame of love among those who do not believe. However, our story is real and the love that we share can not be explained or described. This is our story. In 1993, Rishad and I met in St. Augustine's Cafeteria by a mutual friend. The first time I saw him, I thought he was rather shy and cute and when he smiled at me I knew that he felt the same way. We played the smile game for a few years and then in 1996, while in SAC's locker room, he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was all history from there. He walked me to class everyday and even ate lunch with me at times. We even shared our first kiss under SAC's cabana and got caught. We were almost sent to the dean's office. This courtship led to our first date which was at "Cafe Johnny Canoe". After many years of sharing laughs, family gatherings, and social events with friends, we both graduated from high school and this was when the "real dating" began. Even though we were miles away from each other, our romance never ended. Sometimes we went six months without seeing each other because our focus then was completing college, but when we were reunited it always felt as though the clock reversed and we were then living the lost moments.