Vonya + Stephane

Davonya and Stephane met in 2006, as they were both attending Devry University, in Atlanta, GA. Davonya knew Stephane had a crush on her but at the time she wasn't interested and he was in a relationship and never actually pursued her. However, one evening, Davonya was super hungry and Stephane volunteered to bring her some food. That night, they both sat in the parking lot of Davonya's apartment and had a long conversation. This was when Davonya realized how loving and caring Stephane was. They both graduated in 2008 and remained in contact throughout the years. In 2012, Stephane begun courting Davonya. Davonya was playing hard to get at first but Stephane was persistent and won her over. 3 years later, Stephane popped the question, in Paris, during a beautiful dinner on a boat. I really can't make this stuff up, such a sweet story.. Can't wait to capture their nuptials.

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