An Intimate Wedding

Kevia and Ethan had most intimate wedding, with just a few family and friends, was a joy to hang with these guys and capture their wedding day.

Kevia and Ethan meant through a mutual friend, I asked him to tell the story and in his words he replies.... "All of us were at a church service, and we both went to greet our mutual friend at the end of the service, and our friend introduced us to each other. To be quite honest I was beyond ecstatic to make Kevia's acquaintance. I always thought she was model magazine cover fine. But we started out as just friends, then over time one thing led to another, and the rest is found in archives, because it's history. Within a short six months we found ourselves in a romantic restaurant, me with one knee on the floor, and with her eyes flooded with tears like the Mississippi river, she said yes! It didn't take me long to discover that Kevia was the one. We both were compatible with each other. We became best friends, we had a similar vision for our lives, we had a similar mindset, and we cared deeply for each other. Despite the odds we faced, you're too young, you should finish college first, marriages these days don't last, we ignored the noise in the market as most would say, and we did it. We are spontaneous like an entrepreneur. We didn't care if we didn't meet societies requirements. We created our own, and with our plan in hand we blazed a new trail. Kevia is my treasure, something invaluable worth finding and keeping. Who ever said wealth is only monetary should reconsider the definition."

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