Bayside Wedding - Tameka & Shaka

I seriously believe that I get to work with some of the most wonderful people. If I could go to Tameka & Shaka's wedding every single weekend then I would be quite happy with that! Although I reckon their cheeks would be super sore from all the grinning, and Shaka would run out of tears, as he shed so touchingly watching his bride walk to him! Capturing their wedding on West Bayside over looking, Long Wharf beach and the Harbor, was just an absolute joy from the moment I arrived.

The weather was pleasant for this early morning affair, and passersby were delighted but the spectacle. It was a wedding utopia and it was just one of those days where all the pieces of the wedding puzzle slot into place, and it was such a pleasure to capture the endless smiles on the faces of Tameka & Shaka and their families and friends!