First Year Anniversary

It's been one year since the Johnson's, were married and wanted to do a photo session to mark the occasion. I asked Pareece to tell their story in here words.

My first impression of Levan, as i sat in the congregation of one of his performances was," this guy does NOT want to be here". He had such a strong demeanor and serious disposition. I secretly nick named him the "angry officer". A few days later we were casually introduced, by my mother, at another event. He was nice enough to let us cut ahead of him at the refreshment table. Shortly after that, our paths crossed yet again; at a celebration ball. Levan would not stand still. Everywhere I turned, there he was. Our eyes locked, and in that moment, the "angry officer" didn't seems so "angry". He tried many times, to say atleast hello, but the night did not allow it. The next day, however, I received a Facebook friend request, lol and since then, we haven't gone a day without each other. Two years later we share a beautiful family and daily celebrate our love and life's journey, together.

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