Jnay+Travis: Nassau E-Session

Jnay & Travis had a amazingly beautiful sunset E-Session at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Can't wait to shoot their wedding in a few months. Every love story is unique, and best told by those who live them. During their E-Session interview, I asked Jnay to tell about her and Travis in her words, she replied....

It was May 2011 I walked into a Chinese restaurant with two of my school friends. The cashier took our order and proceeded to take the ticket to the kitchen window. We were about to leave and walk to Wendy's next door until the cashier called me back asked if I wanted extra gravy on my food. I replied how much for it he said "it's free for you". I laughed, shaked my head yes and walked away. Everyone knows the awkward feeling you get when someone's looking at you. I got that, and I turned around to see the cashier staring at me from behind the counter. It was a bit funny but I didn't mind the attention.

After graduating from high school during summer break I had a lot of time to browse Facebook and get caught up with all the social media activities I missed during the school term. I noticed this particular person liking every one of my status and pictures, automatically I assumed they wanted my attention. So I was not about to do just that. I watched him continue this until July 1st, then I decided to like a photo of his. That was all needed for him to now message me. He said " hey do you remember me"? I replied "no". I honestly didn't remember who he was and from where would we have met. After all the pleasantries we began becoming pretty close he would message me every day and one day asked me to call and talk to him over the phone. I was so nervous, I dialed the first three numbers and hung up about ten times before going through with calling.