Evangelica & Demetries: Nassau E-Session

Here's another fun session with a very down to earth and amazing couple, meet Evangelica & Demetries, these guys were so much fun and so easy to work with, all I to do is captures them doing their usual thing. And in our natural style, below she tells how they met to now...

Demetries and I met 15 years ago when I was 15 and he 17, on boat cruise for my church's youth conference. We only had a few weeks to get acquainted as he was scheduled to go off to college that coming school year. We both weren't sure if we really liked each other at first but you would never know from the many nights spent glued to the telephone and a couple movie dates that summer. Both of us had been in at least one teenage relationship before so it was a breath of fresh air to enjoy mature conversation. The day he left for college was very somber for the both of us, we talked on the phone till almost sunrise finally deciding to put a hold on the relationship while he was away.

He called from an airport payphone to say goodbye and I can still remember the feeling of never wanting that call to end. By the end of the call he said "I Love You", that's the moment I never wanted to let go. For two years he was gone, we mailed letters, emailed and used Hotmail Messenger to no end, trading school and life stories. We both still have some of our old emails. Each Christmas and maybe summer he came home we resumed our little love affair. The year he returned was 2003, we hadn't spoken in months, I was preparing for BGCSE's and the phone rings, he was back and wanted to see me! We rekindled our love and eventually began dating again. Over the years we spent every moment we could together and discovered a love for billiards, I taught him to shoot pool now he's amazing. 5 years later God blessed us with a daughter and a couple years later we welcomed another. During those years we shared a lot of firsts which includes our beautiful home, the night Demetries proposed I was cooking in the kitchen and we were having a discussion.

I turned to find him on bended knee asking for my hand in marriage, there were tears and lots of it. I froze, I didn't know how to react so I didn't really answer right away, I was happy inside but shocked, he said to me " you know I can kneel forever and I'm only asking once". I laughed and happily responded and the rest is history, the best part is our oldest daughter was ecstatic and that made it all worth the wait for me!

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