Love Is in the Air....

We had some fun clients who traveled to the Bahamas to propose to their girlfriends, it seem to be almost and epidemic having five surprise proposals back to back. They all wanted to do "covert" photos, and were all amazing, ladies full of tears and sooooo happy. We enjoyed being apart of their big step. Here's a few shots from our favs...

Taking from

Proposal Do's

Do make the proposal a story that will be remembered forever by capturing every moment on film. Your partner probably won't remember half the amazing words you say, so if it's on film, it's only a click away (it would also be a nice idea to incorporate the film or stills into your wedding day/video).

Proposal Don'ts

Don't go cheap on a proposal, the budget shouldn't just be for the ring, the most important part is getting a yes, so make it special.

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