Allyssa & Brady

We've had a busy few weeks, working with incredible couples and some of the most beautiful weddings to date. Happy to share with you and most beautiful elopement. Elopements are intimate in nature, but that doesn't mean you should forget all about photographs. In fact, elopements give you the opportunity for more time for the photographs you really want! Allyssa and Brady are one of our favorites, they were the sweetest couple, travelled to the Bahamas for the first time to have the most intimate beach wedding. As usual we ask the bride to tell us their story and in her words...

Brady and I met 6 years ago at an engagement party for my cousin and his brother. We met again a year later at the wedding.

He was in the Air Force and I was in nursing school. I had actually written him off because he was a tad drunk and almost dropped me on the dance floor at the wedding. 4 years later I was talking with my cousin and said I wanted to visit her in Alaska.

She promptly told me that Brady had recently gotten out of the military and that she thought we would be great together. I quickly said no as I remembered the wedding. She explained that he was not the same and that he was a great guy. A couple days passed and I told her to give him my number. I was so happy I listened to her because we quickly hit it off, and here we are now.

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