Britney & Sean's Wedding

When I delivered the images from this sweet wedding, the bride-Britney immediately emailed me back. “I sooooo love my wedding pictures, love them...” As a wedding photographer, there is nothing better than making your clients happy. It’s an honor to document such important events, and this wedding day was an especially nice one.

When summer comes around, the sun can be brutal. The heat can get intense and overwhelming. But the day seem to work out for this couple. The wedding day details are a popular part of modern wedding photography. I especially love documenting details in action, I think it’s so beautiful, skimming across her headpiece and highlighting the shoulder detail. After the bride and groom were dressed, it was off to the church for the wedding ceremony.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the ceremony processional. It’s the first time the bride gets to see all of her guests assembled together!

Church lighting can be a tricky thing. It’s the one part of the wedding day that photographers have little to absolutely no control over. After the ceremony, there was a break before the cocktail hour. We spent the time going around West Bay Street for some portraits. The sun co-operated and the day turned out beautifully.

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