Schooner Bay Wedding

I can’t even tell you how much I loved working with this bride and groom at this Schooner Bay wedding. When I was first contacted by the maid of honor thru my website, we spoke of her friend and bride and the sweetest manner asking about specifics the bride wanted. The next day Stephanie the bride called very excited about her upcoming wedding at Schooner Bay. “We are so excited to be getting married in the Bahamas, this is going to be sooo much fun”. And it was, the entire day revolved around the amazing relationships the bride and groom have with their family and friends.

We started our day at Hibiscus Suite, Sandpiper Inn, where the most fun and awesome ladies were hanging out, and having a great time as they prepared the day's events. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible the experience was. Stephanie and Nick are warm, wonderful, funny, and joyous individually. Together, they are positively dynamic. You guys rock...

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