A Russell Wedding

This beautiful bride and her new husband had a most emotional wedding, so touching. He was flowing with tears from the start, I mean before the bride walked in the church. As she came down the aisle our groom was all out "I just won the best thing ever in life, praise God" type crying, it was so real, he loves this woman so much, you had to be there to understand, the bride off course shed tears too. These guys shared a ceremony full of love and emotion, and gave vows with so much vigor, the groom was looking for glue to glue the rings on 😂 😂😂 seriously. And if it was not already emotional, the bride sang to the groom, maaaan he was FINISHED just dripping in tears. But after it all we had a blast so much fun with this couple, a loving, laughing real relationship that will last a lifetime. Love you guys....!

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