Tinesha & David

Having the opportunity to photograph the wedding of those near and dear to you is such an experience, an when they've made you so proud to see what they've become is touching. Tinesha & David's special day was intensely special, filled with tears of joy and moments of laughter, but most importantly, God. The enemy's aim – to destroy. God’s aim – to build up. In all of the talk about marriage, defending our views, or pointing out differences, we have to ask ourselves ...have we prayed? I mean, really prayed... God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that His word will not return empty, without accomplishing great things. There’s no magic formula in praying, but there is power through the prayer, and these guys understood that choosing to pray with each before they left for the ceremony.

My favorite part of their ceremony was the feet washing ceremony. This was a very spiritual and loving part of the day, and to see her honor him in that way was so sweet.

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