When should you book your wedding photographer?

The answer was YES... and BAM, your engaged?! CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting time in your life leading up to the start of your new journey with your significant other…

Now, let me say this, it can get a little stressful without proper planning so get moving, even if you haven'y set dates, start looking into things, even with a planner there's still things to do. But the most important is your photographer.

After the wedding day is over, few people remember the food served or the songs played, the stress of the planning and elegance of the decor. What you will return to for years to come, is your wedding collection, your wedding album, wedding photos you've placed around your home, videos you play for family, friends and your kids.​

You should be booking your Photographer/Videographer at least 7- 12 months before your wedding!

Why? Well the best and most dedicated photographers will always be booked in advance so its always best to secure you spot way before, to ensure you will be covered by that special photographer you want.

Here's a few simple steps to help guide you:

Lock in your date. All photographers will need to know the date/time of you wedding so they can book it for you, having you venue confirmed is also very important.

Research your wedding photographer - Once you've secured your wedding date and venue, it's time to research the photographer for your perfect day. Keep in mind the best ones are normally often book way in advance, so its important to reach out to them and get relevant info you need to secure your booking.

Plan engagement session - Booking your wedding photographer in advance is also a good idea if you are doing an engagement session. You want time to plan it and create save the dates.